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Music Sample
Based in Los Angeles, CA
Founded in 2009
Gypsybilly, Franco-American, Roots Revival, Americana, Roots, Alternative Country, Neo Swing, Western Swing 

Label: GB Music

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What happens when you mix the passion for Rockabilly and Gypsy music with the love for Jazz and Country music? You get a whole new genre called Gypsybilly. THE VIGNATIS have been rockin’ their Gypsybilly creation for 5 albums. The aurally and visually colorful Los Angeles- based group’s dynamic performances charter audiences on a journey from nostalgic times to the unknown future. They innovatively fuse American/European traditions, musicianship and a sense of humor cleverly expressed in their songs. “...The Vignatis deliver fabulous vocals on great tunes,” says Music Connection Magazine. Their un-mistakable, neo-nostalgic sound is a natural musical union so diverse it avoids strict categorization.


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Lionel Berthet


"Django meets Scotty Moore in Fabrice and Tracy Vignati's signature Gypsybilly. With the instrumentation of Gypsy Jazz - highlighted by hot and stylish Django-esque runs - this is a cross-cultural melting pot au feu. Fun and Funky." 
                      - Vintage Guitar Magazine
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Gretsch Guitars

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