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(Vol. 6)


"The Vignatis deliver fabulous vocals on great tunes."

~ Music Connection

"...breezy melodies and a very cozy, tuneful display of cultured and timeless musicianship." ~ Take Effect

"The Vignatis demonstrate that all in the world can be upbeat with their playful and endearing approach to music making..." 


As the creators of their own genre, Gypsybilly, it may appear that The Vignatis have taken a surprise direction with their latest album, or is it really that much of a surprise? This Franco-American duo celebrates their roots of acoustic French Gypsy Jazz (a la Django Reinhardt) and American Jazz, taking you on a musical trip to France from Parisienne cafes and Le Champs-élysées, to Lac du Bourget and pain perdu, all through the eyes of a child. Whether the love of food, frogs or French Bulldogs, this nine-song, first-of-its-kind children’s album is an educational introduction to France and the French language loaded with humor, silliness, and meaningful content to help empower children (don't kid yourself, adults too!). With nearly 20 past collective years of classroom and private music teaching of kids, this album is reflective of their positive, silly sides filled with empowering messages including the importance of discipline, goal setting, and listening to parents, with the intention of mentorship yet not forgetting to just have a little fun!


The opening track "Allez, Let's Go" reinforces how important it is to learn responsibilities and to listen to parents, "Un, Deux, Trois" introduces counting to 10 in French, while "Gaston the Frenchie" is a day in the life of a zany little French Bulldog and his silly, goofy personality. No matter your preference, there is certainly an aural "amuse-bouche" for everyone.

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