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Children's Music Concept

Swing Kiddos Hot Klub de France (Vol. 6) is a children’s music concept album conceived on a living room sofa during the pandemic lockdown over the course of two weekends. The idea was birthed after pet sitting our friends’ French Bulldog named Gaston. His humorous shenanigans led to detailed observations of his behavior as the consummate fur clown who steals socks, flip flops, performing zoomie sessions in the backyard, followed by lengthy naps which include extremely loud snoring, and the undesirable farting synonymous with Frenchies. His joyous personality warranted the writing of the song “Gaston the Frenchie”. We were so happy with the result that we began brainstorming, letting our imaginations regress into our own childhoods and came up with a list of characters and stories which later led to full songs and a full album. As the Hot Club music of Django Reinhardt is so important to us as musicians, and being that one of us is a French native, we decided to create a full album in the Hot Club style, a first and only one of its kind in children’s music. The songs are well crafted with an educational introduction to France, the language, customs, basic words, a great deal of fun, and are also adult friendly.


As with Baby Shark or Baby Einstein, Swing Kiddos Hot Klub de France (Vol. 6) has the potential to become a household franchise of multimedia products from video and YouTube products, toys, children’s clothing and merchandise, educational materials and interactive products. We are currently in creative discussions for a sequel concept album creating new characters and adventures to complement the current album. We are looking to partner with the right situation to bring our vision to world so that all children can benefit from this creation.

The full album can be heard by scrolling to the bottom of this page. 

All songs written by:

Fabrice Vignati (Fullian Music, ASCAP)

Tracy Vignati (Three Cats of Trouble Music, ASCAP)


Gaston is a silly French Bulldog you can see strolling the streets of Paris, France. He loves playing Gypsy Jazz rhythm guitar with his friends in the band and always likes to be the clown. From the zoomies to stealing your flip flops, he can turn any frown into a smile. He likes to cuddle when he is tired but beware...his snoring can crack windows!

Gaston, The Frenchie


Meet the tall, crusty, golden brown, upright bass player, Mister Baguette. He is a quirky, intelligent French loaf of bread sporting a monocle just like his friends, Mr. Peanut, Mr. Monopoly, and the infamous Arsène Lupin. His magical monocle helps him search for the perfect bass lines for every song. When he isn’t playing music, you can find him on any given day using his monocle in search of the perfect picnic spot to spread that blanket and enjoy his lunchtime in the finest wicker basket under the brightest Parisien sunshine.

Mister Baguette


Have you ever seen a drummer leap 20 feet in the air while playing a song? Well, look no further! Not only is he an exceptional drummer, Pierre is an athlete with remarkable ability to leap, swim, and croak all while playing his drums and NEVER skips a beat! After band rehearsals he takes a daily swim to see Jim, his best friend. He lives in the South of France which is kind of far from Paris, however, no worries! He swims so quickly he usually arrives so early to set up his drums he is finished before his bandmates arrive! He is like the Michael Phelps of frogs and certainly a guy you'll want to meet :) 

Pierre, The Frog


You are sure to be hungry after meeting this famous violinist, French Toast. He has the mad violin skills of Stéphane Grappelli and just by watching him you will work up a serious appetite! He is also a great chef! Guess what his specialty is? That's right, French Toast (in France they call it "Pain Perdu"). He will make it any way you want it...syrup, butter, powdered sugar, blueberries...whatever you want. Just say "merci" and it's all yours :)

French Toast


Imagine a magical au pair who plays the accordion while lighting up the Eiffel Tower with her magical powers! Her name is Madame Paris. All kids love her just like cats like to purr. She is a legend from Paris who all kids want as their babysitter. Why, you ask? She has tasty bonbons that can make you fly! For parents, she can make kids do their homework, make dogs like the vet, and turn broccoli into chocolate so kids will be sure to eat their vegetables! So if you're in France, just look for the red beret with that signature Eiffel Tower...she's Madame Paris!

Madame Paris
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