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Song Samples 

We are an Alt. Americana, Neo-Swing duo who created our own unique genre we call Gyspybilly, with a 7th album of original music (and a few iconic cover songs) releasing in August 2024, and an 8th volume of instrumental music releasing in 2025. Gypsybilly is a melange of Alt.  Americana/Country, Neo-Swing and Rock(-abilly) seasoned with Gypsy. It is both vocal and instrumental, up-spirit music with the intention of writing visually-provoking lyrics containing positive messages whether obvious or hidden, to help others if even for a 3:30 moment of happiness or joy. We have also put our unique spin on some iconic cover songs and some iconic holiday songs.

In addition, we used the pandemic lockdown to our advantage by developing our non-Gypsybilly song catalogue/library. We have 100+ songs in all kinds of styles, both vocal and instrumental (e.g., Country, Folk, Jazz, Latin, Rock, Blues, Funk, RnB, Jazz, Punk, Arabic, Japanese, Pop, etc.). These songs are currently in the finals stages of production and will be available soon and ready to be put to work. As avid lovers of film, television, and streaming (sometimes with commercials), we pay close attention to the crafting of a song creating it not just for artist purposes but for marketing and placement purposes. We focus on memorable melodies with rhythms in vocal melodies that are fresh and hooky, lyrics on various subjects saying things in unique ways to evoke imagery and details in our minds. There are some "wow" moments with unexpected small sections, motifs, and rhythmic phrases with a variety of different feels and tempi.

If it's not in our arsenal, we can write it. We are like human jukeboxes and are continuously writing. We can write on demand and are very fast. Once we find the right publishing home, we look forward to building a long-term business relationship so that everyone can benefit financially and otherwise. The below song selections are only a few from our entire body of work.

Thank you for taking a listen and for your consideration.

Publishing Information:
Fabrice Vignati (Fullian Music, ASCAP)
Tracy Vignati (Three Cats of Trouble Music, ASCAP)

Original Vocal Song Selections from 6 Released Albums

Cover Songs from Released Albums

Original instrumental Song Selections from Released Albums and Unreleased Catalogue Library

Holiday Cover Songs (Public Domain)

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