The 62nd Grammy Awards will forever be engrained in our memories, as this is the day we lost our Laker legend and face of Los Angeles, Kobe Bryant. It was a very rough start to what is usually a jubilant day. It is an all-day event starting with the Premiere Ceremony at the Microsoft Theatre at 12:30 PM which is also streamed live so you can watch it. This is where all of the awards are given that are not televised on network television. Imogen Heap was the host who is so innovative and cool. Would love to meet her. Liked all but one performance and Angelique Kidjo stole the entire ceremony in her typical Angelique fashion owning the stage, the floor, and any airspace! Tres bien, Angelique!

After the Premiere Ceremony we walked the Red Carpet where you can see various artists and nominees, and headed over to Staples Center for the telecast. Alicia Keyes was again an excellent host and the Boys to Men performance honoring our Black Mamba left tears on faces as eyes were directed toward the illuminated "8 & 24" retired jerseys. Tanya Tucker was so authentically wonderful. So glad to see her emerge after so many years. I don't know what it was like watching from home but the energy in the house that Kobe Bryant built was somber, heavy and fighting through the shock and sadness. It was a bittersweet evening yet still a joy to see people's victories. This is a Grammys that will never be forgotten.


Remember, the Mamba mentality is alive and well. Continue to fight for your dreams. If you don't, who will? 




The Vignatis Grammys 2020Red Carpet


Red, White & Blue: Gypsybilly Vol. 4 is here!!


This new album has an American summer, patriotic feel to it which reminds you of that 4th of July hot summer day BBQ with all of your friends and family honoring our great country. Of course, the European flare is there with the Gypsy Jazz guitar. Also, as in our 2018 album "Let's Hit the Road" Vol. 3, we have 2 electro tracks in our "Electrobilly" fashion. One of them entitled, "New Direction" has a brand new element added, a premiere for us and we want to do more. We are always looking for ways to experiment and push some boundaries just a little bit more.

Let's come together as a nation, as a globe and overcome these obstacles. We can transform wherever we are into the Land of Eternally Tranquil Light. Now let's get busy doing so with our BBQs, some board games and some new Gypsybilly to celebrate the summer!